Mindfulness Tips for Challenging Symptoms of Trauma & Anxious Thoughts

Mindfulness is the act of focusing ones attention on current aspects of your experience, on that which comes and goes from your conscious awareness. It is enough to notice, to be aware of and mindfulness does not require interpretation, judgement, indulging or suppression of the thoughts/feelings/sensations. You can be mindful of physical sensations (e.g. muscle…

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From Trauma Induced Complex PTSD Towards Healing

Complex PTSD is the term used for the symptoms people sometimes experience who have suffered from multiple, repetitive, chronic stressors and trauma over a period of years. The trauma often involves harm (such as incest) from the people in their lives who were meant to provide care and nurture at developmentally crucial times. The stressors…

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Empathy: The antidote to shame

Empathy: The antidote to shame Having recently attended a training course on anger, I became fascinated by the notion of shame as underlying anger/rage, personality disorders and our desperate use of defences in order to avoid it being felt. Shame is the recognition and experiencing of oneself as an object of extreme (usually negative) judgement…

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