Counselling & Therapy

with Zara

 I am an integrative NHS trained therapist working in Guildford

MSc Psychology

BSc (Hons) Human Biology with Psychology

Dip Integrative Counselling

Dip Integrative Hypnotherapy

Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP)


How I work

Counselling and therapy provides a safe, confidential space to talk about topics and issues of concern to you. 

As an integrative practitioner,  I am informed by person centered, psychodynamic and existential models. Research supports my belief that the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to healing, catharses and self insight.

I will seek to understand your specific needs and goals, enable you to enhance self insight, awareness and promote personal growth. This process can be challenging, but clients often find that understanding how the past can unconsciously affect our lives, decisions and relationships can lead to a greater freedom. Insight can expand the choices available to us with regards to our responses and behaviour, leading to more harmonious relationships with ourselves and others.

I have a wide range of experience which includes working with adults, adolescents and children aged 12 upwards on behalf of the NHS.



People can, when offered the appropriate supportive environment, consciously enhance themselves, make positive changes and become more greatly aligned with who they want to be.

I believe our essential nature to be good, whole and complete, yet certain experiences can obscure this realisation causing us to feel stressed anxious and discontent.

Therapeutic counselling can help to process past and present issues of concern and provide crucial emotional support when you most need it.

Therapeutic counselling can help with;

  • Growth and self awareness,
  • Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Health concerns
  • Abuse


  • Family and relationship problems
  • Past trauma
  • Confusion around sexuality
  • Spirituality
  • Addictions
  • Bullying


Growth & Personal Development

Counselling and therapy can help people who wish to consciously engage in this personal process of self development, not least through  greater self awareness (making the unconscious conscious), processing current challenges and moving 'beyond' past experiences- becoming more free, authentic and complete in oneself/relationships.

Sometimes insight is enough to elicit change, at other times people may need to negotiate behavioural changes with themselves/others to achieve greater harmony.

The professional relationship between the client and therapist is viewed as fundamental in many modalities not just because of the potential for self insight but because of it's cathartic, healing and 'reparative' potential.



Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state in which the busy, distracting part of our minds is by-passed enabling easier access to the deeper, unconscious level of our minds, where healing and creativity is possible.

Since over 90% of our behaviour derives from the unconscious, hypnotherapy accesses and utilises this vital source to encourage positive changes in feeling and behaviour.

In addition to helping with your individual goals, hypnotherapy can stimulate personal growth, learning, creativity and problem solving. This is thought to be due to engaging the ‘right hand brain’ which is associated with these natural capacities.
The body also re-balances during the relaxing state of hypnosis- so not only does your mind feel rested but your body will also feel refreshed.

What I offer

Sometimes the past can feel like a ball and chain that holds us back from being happy. I specialise in helping people to release their past traumas related to situations, events or relationships with others.

Releasing the past can help re-harmonise and ground us in greater peace; then we can actively plan for, and look forward to, both the present and our futures.

A shorter initial consultation will help you decide if hypnotherapy is right for you and provide the relevant information upon which to tailor your session to meet your specific requirements and maximise efficacy. Therapeutic hypnotherapy sessions last fifty minutes in total.

Contact and Pricing

Whatever your goals or requirements, you can be assured that as a member of the BACP, the highest standards, ethics and professionalism are offered.

T: 07759078168


Contact me to book a £20 initial consultation

£50 per 50 minute session


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