“Non-Dual Therapy”

Non-dual therapy refers to counselling and psychotherapy carried out with a professional ‘talking therapist’ (psychologist, psychotherapist or counsellor) who can help guide you towards a recognition of True Nature- the Beingness aspect of you that gets overlooked because of the suffering and misunderstanding that is present within the system. True Nature can effortlessly and spontaneously ‘alchemise’ and heal that which feels seemingly incomplete, shameful or wounded- somatically and within the psyche. Contractions within the human psyche can release and a greater sense of balance and wholeness is experienced. It can be very helpful to talk to someone who has a direct, experiential understanding of the inherent ‘connectedness’ of all Life and who is certified and fully trained to help one process their emotionally and psychologically challenging experiences and conditioning. It is not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ or ‘unspiritual’ to experience difficult, painful emotions or to need to process our past experiences- at some point along the way this will be a very natural process and it’s a blessing to have trustworthy company with whom to do so. The session is a non-judgemental space or container, shame free and all accepting- an external reflection of the qualities of True Nature. Our past and our ‘stories’ (and I do not use that term in a derogatory sense) is where we came from and it’s how we will grow and move forward to a brighter, happier future. The past can be honoured for what it was, but does not have to define us or limit us anymore.

It can surprise people just how somatic in nature some of these releases of energy can feel, which can be confusing or even distressing, when there are judgements or certain expectations in place. Somatic Therapy can be extremely helpful in processing any trauma, unhelpful beliefs and where the nervous system has been impacted by past events and experiences- incomplete ‘arousal cycle’ /activation & repose of the nervous system due to overwhelm. The body literally embeds these events as implicit memory, evidenced by the nervous system’s response to conscious/unconscious triggers, as though they were still current.

Work in an authentic, supportive relationship with an attuned therapist who can walk with you and witness your catharsis and growth.