How I Work

Counselling and therapy provides a safe, confidential space to talk about topics and issues of concern to you.


I am currently working online or via telephone with new clients (see also concessionary page). Isolation does not mean isolated  and it is a time when attending to our emotionally and psychological well-being is even more crucial.

Online therapy sessions can be just as effective and can help people feel more comfortable faster, make therapy accessible to more people who cannot or don't wish to leave home and encourage an openness that might not be there otherwise.

As an integrative practitioner,  I am informed by a wide range of therapeutic models namely person centered, psychodynamic and somatic therapy. I can also employ the models of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy as well as creative and mindful approaches to further assist sessions. My natural style is sensitive, attuned and heart centered and clients report feeling really cared about and deeply supported. 

I can offer you a safe space in which to discuss your feelings and issues concerning you, at a time when you feel most emotionally fragile. I help you understand those feelings and yourself in a wider context, as well as look at the ways in which past experiences may have shaped your responses. Furthermore I encourage you to tend to the bodies' inner capacity for Knowing which can help you make conscious, wiser choices as well as learn to trust yourself. 

Sometimes it is not easy to be in relationship to others, whether loved ones or even colleagues. More and more people are seeking somebody to really hear and affirm them, as well as to truly care about them and their feelings. My therapy is always based in a real, genuine relationship, that, although is professional and with boundaries, is none-the-less warm, real and respectful. 

People say my calm, intuitive and centered approach makes it easier for them to relax and open up

Furthermore, research supports my firm belief and working knowledge that the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to healing, catharses and self insight. In my day to day life I am grounded in meditation and awareness practice.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) provides a wealth of research that highlights the benefits of an integrative approach to psychotherapy and counselling

Contrary to popular belief counselling is not advice on what to do/say, but can facilitate realisation of your own answers and what is right for you- this empowers and encourages independence.

Because of the shared outcome of both a good mindful or meditation practice and therapy in bringing the unconscious across the threshold into our conscious awareness, I often suggest clients take the time to learn to meditate, or at the very least, to sit in silence during their day. I can offer a brief introduction to meditation, though it would be optimal to take a course. I feel having a meditation practice alongside therapy benefits people greatly because it helps you to feel calm, helps avoid being knocked off balance by the next wave of emotion and can contribute to feeling happier. 

Counselling can be short/long term and can help to open up options, gain new perspectives and provide emotional support during challenging life events. Longer term therapy can help deal with more complex issues or deep rooted patterns. 

I will seek to understand your specific needs and goals, enable you to enhance self insight, awareness and promote personal growth. The therapeutic journey can be challenging, but clients often find that understanding how the past can unconsciously affect our lives, decisions and relationships eventually leads to greater freedom. Insight can expand the choices available to us with regards to our responses and behaviour, leading to more harmonious relationships with ourselves and others.

I have a wide range of experience including working with adults, adolescents and children aged 12 upwards for the Youth Counselling Service, on behalf of Virgin Care & the NHS. I have worked for a local drug and alcohol charity and volunteered alongside my private practice, working with people have been through serious trauma, who may suffer complex post traumatic stress disorder or dissociative disorders

My future training specialisms will include 'Non-dual therapy' and 'Somatic Trauma Therapy' (training Oct 2020).