How I Work

Counselling and therapy provides a safe, confidential space to talk about topics and issues of concern to you.


As an integrative practitioner,  I am informed by person centered, psychodynamic and existential models. I can offer you a safe space in which to discuss your feelings and issues concerning you, help you understand those feelings and yourself, as well as look at the ways in which past experiences may have shaped your responses. Tending  to the bodies' inner capacity for Knowing helps you make conscious and wiser choices as well as learning to trust yourself. 

Sometimes it is not easy to be in relationship to others, whether loved ones or even colleagues. More and more people are seeking somebody to really hear and affirm them, as well as to truly care about them and their feelings. My therapy is always based in a real, genuine relationship, that, although is professional and with boundaries, is none-the-less warm, real and respectful. 

People say my calm, intuitive and centered approach makes it easier for them to relax and open up

Furthermore, research supports my firm belief and working knowledge that the therapeutic relationship is fundamental to healing, catharses and self insight.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) provides a wealth of research that highlights the benefits of an integrative approach to psychotherapy and counselling

Contrary to popular belief counselling is not advice on what to do/say, but can facilitate realisation of your own answers and what is right for you- this empowers and encourages independence.

Counselling & Psychotherapy | The difference

Counselling and psychotherapy vastly overlap, however generally speaking counselling tends to deal with current issues and concerns in your life and your feelings around these. Counselling can be shorter term and can help to open up options, gain new perspectives and provide emotional support during challenging life events. I may employ the models of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy to further assist in identification of abhorrent patterns and antecedent events contributing to difficulties in relating to others.

Psychotherapy tends to be longer term and involves looking at relational and behavioural patterns that may have their origins in earlier experiences within our lives. Psychotherapy can help to gain greater insight, understanding about ourselves, our triggers and our defensive responses such that we may begin to make long lasting changes and improve our relationship to ourselves and others.

I will seek to understand your specific needs and goals, enable you to enhance self insight, awareness and promote personal growth. The therapeutic journey can be challenging, but clients often find that understanding how the past can unconsciously affect our lives, decisions and relationships eventually leads to greater freedom. Insight can expand the choices available to us with regards to our responses and behaviour, leading to more harmonious relationships with ourselves and others.

I have a wide range of experience which includes working with adults, adolescents and children aged 12 upwards for the Youth Counselling Service, on behalf of the NHS. I have worked for a local drug and alcohol charity and currently volunteer alongside my private practice, working with people have been through serious trauma, who may suffer complex post traumatic stress disorder or dissociative disorders