Healing can look messy- that’s okay. Really!

When healing and alignment happen, there are often dramatic, big releases of energy in the form of tears, sadness, grief and anger that release from the system. It is felt on the level of the body, the emotions and even energetically. So, this is to be expected, it is normal. You are not ‘losing your mind’ or ‘out of control’. It can be released alone or with a very trusted person (being ‘witnessed’ and unconditionally accepted especially while at your most vulnerable) can be even more healing and profound. This process of feeling that which was unmet, unfelt or repressed (usually belonging to the past) is not just hugely cathartic but allows the influx of more peace, more clarity, more happiness. Out with the old, in with the new!

So, as you can see this process is not something to be feared, it is to be encouraged and expected. It can come through many forms, therapy being only one method. Yoga, meditation, being around someone who triggers you, attending Satsang, feeling unconditionally accepted and many other healing methodologies such as acupuncture, tapping and even massage can be the catalyst for release.

What makes this process easier is understanding it is natural, a part of most people’s growth (particularly if they have consciously chose to work on healing themselves). Clients also find that discovering an inner place that is already inherently, peaceful, secure and stable can really help. Dual awareness of the process is a game changer; experiencing (not by-passing) the pain of what is happening but at the same time being conscious of the ‘awareness’ that is witnessing the process happening. This helps minimise the secondary suffering that can sit (often un-noticed) on top of the raw pain- in the form of shame, self blame etc and thoughts of ‘I shouldn’t be feeling like this’, ‘I am broken’.

As a secondary result of a well evolved meditative practice, some people become aware of an ‘inner smile’ (as described by the spiritual teacher Adyashanti) in the centre of the chest, which feels ‘okay’ and pleasant. This can be simultaneously noticed as the pain is moving through your system and can really assist in preventing overwhelm.