People can, when offered the appropriate supportive environment, consciously enhance themselves, make positive changes and become more greatly aligned with who they want to be.

I believe our essential nature to be good, whole and complete, yet certain experiences can obscure this realisation causing us to feel stressed anxious and discontented.

Clients tell me my therapy is different providing knowledge and tools for practical application in daily life

Therapeutic counselling can help to process past and present issues of concern and provide crucial emotional support when you most need it. It can also highlight defence mechanisms and link current patterns of relating to early childhood experiences.

I work with men and women on a one to one basis, young people aged 12 upwards and older clients.

I am experienced in working 'relationally' with people within the following areas of counselling & therapy;


  • Growth & self awareness
  • Mental health concerns; stress, anxiety, depression
  • Bereavement
  • Abuse; physical, sexual, emotional, verbal
  • Bullying
  • Health concerns; yours/caring for others
  • Accidents and the impact
  • Rape
  • Dependency (only taking those in recovery at present)
  • Family & relationship problems
  • Intimacy concerns
  • Confusion around sexuality
  • Trauma, one off/prolonged. Past/present
  • Spirituality; particularly 'non-duality'
  • Life events/transitions; redundancy, moving house/job, divorce
  • Awareness of anger/rage
  • Learning disabilities; autism, Aspergers
  • Physical impairments/disease
  • Work issues; confrontation, assertiveness, anger, feeling diminished/bullying
  • Noticing and processing internal emotional wounds
  • How emotional triggers relate to early childhood experiences
  • Illness and coming to terms with it
  • Death anxiety, fear of ageing/existential crises
  • Loss of & finding meaning/purpose in life